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Victorville Utopia is the title track of my album released in April of 2021 and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the usual places.  Pretty much the Pandemic Sessions, recorded and mixed at my lonely home studio.

I hope I was able to capture the initial spark that went into the writing of the songs, most of which were designed to perform with a single guitar and voice at local venues.

Thanks for stopping by. 


I miss you already...



Mike Sanders adding some bass and Rob Boyd on drums.  Many thanks to Poul Pedersen for holding this monthly musical event at the White House in Laguna Beach for so many years. Poul created a great environment to experiment, try new material and enjoy the comradery of fellow musicians. Those days are missed.  You never knew what was going to happen.


I've always enjoyed music for film and visuals. I'm working on building my composition library and had a chance to do a couple of original scores this past year.  More to come.

My entry into the Spitfire Bridgerton scoring contest.

Adding a score to my daughter Emma's wonderful animatic. 

Emma's final, updated project and new score.

AlanDuncan More Happy albumcover.jpg

New album coming soon!


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